Adidas Athletics Introduces the Hoodie Z.N.E. Travel

– The Adidas athletics line is designed to help athletes find concentration at the crucial pre-and post-race moments –

– The athletes, including Gareth Bale and Simona Halep, will the travel hoodie to maximize their preparation in view of the competition –

Adidas Athletics today presented its latest product, the hoodie Z.N.E. travel, designed to ensure maximum concentration and help athletes around the world to remove distractions and maximize their preparation while traveling.

For every athlete, from champions to amateurs, the transfer is part of the race. Whether in the city, through the nation or around the world, the journey to the competition is a crucial part of the pre-race preparation; Maintaining concentration is a real challenge for athletes and that is why Adidas Athletics presented the hoodie Z.N.E. travel.

Since its launch in September, over 18,000 athletes worldwide have been equipped with the first edition of the Z.N.E. This highly successful product has evolved now in the travel version, with new features added to the innovative design, to make it an essential element for every sportsman that travels.

The Z.N.E. travel has an oversize “sleeping” hood to block noise and allow you to sleep and relax while you travel. Made with a premium blend of cotton/polyester/elastane, it also has a set of easy-to-access hidden pockets, designed to have the essentials of travel at hand. The revolutionary comfort of the original Z.N.E. was rethought in a softer fabric designed specifically for the athlete on the road.

This innovative product will immediately end up in the luggage of some of the most important athletes in the world. Stars like Gareth Bale and Simona Halep will the Z.N.E. travel as they travel around the world, on their way to become the best in their sport.

Michael Krapohl, Adidas senior product manager said: “Adidas was born from the simple promise of providing the best for the athlete. With the birth of Adidas athletics we focused on creating the perfect conditions for athletes in the crucial moments of pre and post-race preparation. An important part is the journey to the races, when athletes must be able to focus on the next competition or reflect on their performance, so we worked together with the athletes to design a line that meets their needs. ”

The adidas Z.N.E. Travel hoodie and the Z.N.E. travel Collection will be available on and Adidas stores worldwide since November 21, 2016. The launch will be accompanied by local events and in-store and see the travel stories of athletes and influencers take life, including that of Real Madrid towards the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan.

The adidas Z.N. and travel hoodie will be available at a recommended price of €140.

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